Supply chain solutions

We take great pride in our global involvement within the CBD and wider cannabis industry.

While every supply chain in every sector will differ from the next. We believe that there is something that they all have in common, three primary goals; lead time, consistency and, especially in the cannabis industry, adherence to local regulations.

Fundamentally our intentions are to be the global leader in all three of these aspects.

Lead time

On bulk products such as CBD isolate, Full and Broad-spectrum CBD oil and soon other cannabinoids like CBG and THC-V, we commit to offering a next day delivery anywhere in the European Union and the United Kingdom. Globally, assuming local laws allow it, we commit to landing the product in your country within 3 days.

With our white-label product range, once signed off by the client, our lead time is no more than 25 days on initial orders, dropping to 10 days on subsequent deliveries.


Our finished white label products like CBD balm, CBD lotion and so on are produced in GMP facilities.

With cannabinoid content we are unrivalled in consistency. A minimum CBD purity of 99.9% on every single batch of isolate and absolute consistency across all ratios of CBD oil.


Our industry partners Pure Holding AG of Switzerland are world renowned in not only the industrial extraction of cannabinoids but also in genome research of the cannabis plant itself.

Local regulations

We will never supply a CBD product to a national market until we are certain that it is legal and safe to do so. In every instance Always Pure Organics will pursue transparency with local regulators to ensure a smooth and reliable movement of our client’s goods.

Every product comes with a COA, product specifications and safety data sheets relevant in most jurisdictions.


The Beehive,

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